Premier Partners

IAS Partners are a key part of our business.  Partners are chosen for having excellence in their field of business and ability to design and support solutions based on the Mango platform. To become an IAS partner please contact us.




Vortex operates as a systems integrator in Barcelos, Amazonas Brasil. As they have just introduced automation control to their existing clients, their plan is to present introductory seminars to their local business market.

We use mango as a Key tool for Supervisory control Data Acquisition to Monitor Processes of our clients interfacing with PLCs. We look forward to introducing Mango to additional clients as Mango is working great with our existing clients.

  • Data Acquisition from Field, 3G,4G ;
  • Supervisory Control  and PLC Programming ;
  • Tank Level Measurements, 
  • CCTV,
  • Satellite Link for remote access
  • Infra-Structure  for Telecom and Automation in Buildings