System Requirements

Mango is highly adaptable and can run on a wide range of systems and hardware.  This information is meant as a guide.

Operating System:

Mango is compatible with most versions of  Windows, Linux or Mac systems.  The only requirement is that Java JDK 8 is installed.  For larger installation where performance is an issue Linux systems will out perform Windows.  


Mango can work with as small as a single core 1 GHz processor but generally performs better with multiple cores.  Mango is multithreaded and can take advantage of any number of CPU on a system.

For most use cases a 4 core processor like a core i5 is more than adequate.


Memory is the most common bottleneck on a system.  Many actions performed by users such as drawing charts, running reports and exporting large amounts of data require memory.  The more users you have the more memory you should have.  8-16GB of memory is generally more than adequate.


  • There are many factors to consider when sizing hardware for Mango.
  • How many data points
  • How many data sources
  • What is the update rate of the data sources
  • What is the general logging interval of the data points
  • How many users will there be
  • What will users be doing