Premier Partners

IAS Partners are a key part of our business.  Partners are chosen for having excellence in their field of business and ability to design and support solutions based on the Mango platform. To become an IAS partner please contact us.

Radar Vision design and manufacture Mango Compatible Ethernet Remote Control and Monitoring devices as well as Acoustic, Radar, Optical and Magnetic sensors. 


Our sensors measure into Mango

  • people motion, location and behavior
  • vehicle presence and trajectory
  • energy utilization and quality
  • Perimeter security
  • Machinery motion, orientation, speed and maintenance 
  • Fluid flow, pressure and moisture

We recommend Mango to our clients who want to control and monitor 

  • Server Rooms
  • Buildings
  • Road Networks
  • Power Generators
  • Cellular Networks
  • Security Systems 
  • Plant Automation.

The first step in improving any system is improving the measurement and reporting sub-system with our sensors, devices and Mango.