Mango Features Overview

Mango is a powerful end-to-end solution for you to rapidly build and deploy easy-to-use, scalable SCADA, HMI, BAS or IIoT systems.


Included Protocol Drivers - no extra software or licenses needed

With BACnet, Modbus, MQTT, SNMP, DNP3, SQL, CSV Files, HTTP, and others there is no need to pay for extra drivers or software tools. Out of the box Mango will easily connect to all your devices and sources of data, normalizing everything into one easy to use interface. Low level protocols, like Serial or TCP, can enable you to interface with custom or proprietary protocols quickly.


Custom Web Apps & CMS

Mango includes a powerful content management system with live editable pages, file/media management and a customizable menu system.  The modern, customizable, user interface is built all in HTML5, mobile friendly and provides a rapid development framework for realtime data driven apps.


Built in Analytics

Mango provides several standard web interfaces for users to perform quick and efficient analytics of systems. With easy to configure Watch Lists and flexible data queries you are provided with deep data visibility via our lighting fast historian.


Powerful Data Logging & Historian

Mango is capable of storing billions of historical values with ground breaking throughput while utilizing surprisingly small amounts of disk space. With no external server or database configuration needed, Mango is ready to provide you lightning fast performance out of the box.


Leading Edge Data Visualization

Utilizing leading open source web development technologies, Mango provides a flexible development platform for mobile-friendly dynamic dashboards, web/mobile apps and kiosks. With a drag and drop editor plus code view, users with any level of experience can get projects done quickly and efficiently.

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Reporting & Billing

Create fully customized reports & bills using Excel documents. Users can manually run reports anytime, or reports can be scheduled and automatically delivered to users' email inboxes or cell phones.

Reports utilize Mango’s historical data and statistic analysis engine for highly flexible data queries.