MangoHTS Gateway & Server


All-in-one Data Acquisition, Logging, & Visualization

The MangoHTS is a cost-effective, multifunction gateway and server that allows buildings and industrials system bi-directional secure connectivity to a centralized cloud. With a multitude of functions, the MangoHTS is the ultimate integration tool for both cloud and stand-alone applications in a plug and play appliance. The MangoHTS runs the full Mango Automation software application and comes with all features and no extra license cost.

Included functions:

  • Cloud connected IIoT gateway

  • Protocol converter

  • Data logger

  • Web HMI

  • Centralized remote device management

Device overview:

  • Support -20 to 70°C extended operating temperature.

  • Secure cloud connectivity

  • Data buffering with reliable real-time & historical syncing to the cloud

  • VPN style connectivity for easy device management

  • Edge analytics and data processing

  • Local protocol conversion


Open Architecture

Designed for OEM’s and System Integrators, the MangoHTS is fully customizable, very cost effective, and includes all the Mango features and modules at no extra cost. Being a Linux server, users are given root access and can extend the MangoHTS to host their services as well or take advantage of the numerous Linux tools included.


The MangoHTS is the perfect choice for small to medium standalone or edge applications with less than 3000 data points and less than 10 users. There is a din rail clip on the back of each MangoHTS for easy mounting directly in a control panel.

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Remote Site Monitoring & IoT

The MangoHTS combined with a Mango Automation Enterprise or Cloud server offers unified remote system monitoring and control. Each MangoHTS seamlessly syncs realtime and historical data to the central server.


Features Overview


Data Logging

The MangoHTS is a highly configurable data acquisition system pre-installed with drivers for Modbus, BACnet, SNMP, HTTP and Many other protocols.



With multiple options for disk storage the MangoHTS can store up to 2 billion historical readings. With it’s powerful built in Time Series database it is fast and efficient


Web Server & Visualization

The build in web server allows full access, configuration and control with a standard web browser. Custom HTML Dashboards and HMI screens can be created with the modern, mobile friendly development framework. The included RESTful API can also be used to integrate into third party systems.


IoT Ready

The MangoHTS can be used as a stand alone device or as a powerful industrial IoT gateway. Capable of high speed local data acquisition the MangoHTS also contains a powerful cloud syncing protocol to publish its data to a central Mango server. Both real time values and historical synchronizations insure that all data is buffered and sent to the server even though unreliable internet connections or outages.


Easy To Deploy


Remote Access - The Mango Cloud Connect feature allows users to easily manage MangoHTS’s behind customer firewalls from one central location. Learn more

Easy IP Address Configuration - The MangoHTS comes with a USB utility that can be used to configure network settings to static or DHCP and do other diagnostics.  Just edit the configuration files on a laptop and then plug into the MangoHTS and it will configure it's self.


Ready For Developers


Developer and Integrator Friendly - The MangoHTS is a fully capable Linux server running Debian based Linux.  You are provided root access and the ability to customize, install additional software or configure the system. A RESTful API allows integration into third party systems.


Data Source Protocols:

  • Modbus IP

  • Modbus Serial

  • BACnet IP

  • BACnet MS/TP

  • HTTP

  • SNMP

  • SQL

  • ASCII File

  • Generic Serial

  • Generic TCP/IP

  • SSH

  • Z-Wave

  • POP3

  • DNP3

  • Data Files (XML, CSV, XLS, Binary)

  • Allen Bradley (extra fee)

  • Mango Cloud Sync

Hardware Specs:

  • Processor: Onboard Intel Atom® processor E3826 Dual Core, 1.46GHz

  • Ram: 4GB (max. 8GB)

  • Disk Type: 1 x CFast (SATA 2.0)

  • Disk Size: 8, 16, 32 or 64GB

  • Power Input: 9-30 VDC

  • Mount: Built-in Din-rail Clip on Back

  • Dimensions: H 60mm x W 206mm x D 131mm

  • I/O: 5 x USB, RS-232/422/485, 1 x HDMI, 1 x DIV-I, 1 x SIM card holder
    4 x DB9 for COM1, COM2, COM3 & COM4

Publisher Protocols:

  • HTTP

  • Modbus IP (Slave)

  • BACnet IP (Slave)

  • Mango Cloud Sync

Logic Automation:

  • Meta Data Points

  • Scripting Data Sources

  • Event Detections & Handling

  • Point Links