Mango is an end-to-end solution providing everything you need to build & deploy a modern Building Automation, Data Acquisition, IIoT, or SCADA system.

Mango includes:

  • Built in protocols
  • High performance Time Series NoSQL Database
  • Alarming, Logic, Scheduling & Automation
  • Leading-edge HTML5 Data Visualization & Web App
  • Open Development framework with REST API and modular architecture

Mango can be deployed on Windows, Linux, Mac, in the cloud, local servers or embedded devices

Mango is lightweight, requires little to no maintenance and is easy to deploy for small stand alone applications.

For large systems Mango seamlessly scales into global IIoT system capable of processing millions of values per second.

Mango includes a powerful data syncing system to sync data between remote Mango installations and central Mango installation.

Mango uses non-proprietary software libraries so it’s easy to bring on new people or transition as staff turns over. As projects expand you can bring on people with existing knowledge able to jump in without extensive training.

Affordable licensing makes both small and large projects possible.

  • Free for Non-commercial, Education and Evaluation purposes
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Data Points (with enterprise licenses)
  • Unlimited amount of data storage
  • No mandatory annual maintenance
  • Free documentation and online training
  • No additional, drivers, databases or software licenses needed
  • Large discounts for Resellers, OEMs and System Integrators


  • Building Automation
  • Data Center Monitoring
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Many More...

Building Automation

Mango can help us to know what is actually happening in a building, mechanically speaking. Currently, it is critical that we are able to monitor the building systems to ensure that they are functioning properly and providing the best possible value.


Data Center Monitoring

This use of Mango Automation shows the powerful Mango Data Center Solution. For Data Centers, Mango can be easily configured to connect with all the critical equipment in facilities for performance and alarm monitoring. In this example Mango uses Modbus & SNMP protocols with over 2000 data points


Energy Monitoring

The Mango Campus Energy Dashboard is a complete solution for monitoring and displaying energy data for a campus. It uses the Mango HTML5 API and fully mobile compatible. The template is customizable and is designed to be quickly deployed and customized.


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