Water District moves from problematic and costly Windows environment to Mango

Grays Harbor County Water District #2 is a small water district serving the Central Park community in far Western Washington. Grays Harbor County is a largely rural county and Central Park is a semi-rural area. The water district serves 1,408 connections, 56 of which are commercial connections predominantly along Washington State Highway 12.

In 2008 the District converted from analog controls to a SCADA system. The system installed was the “industry standard” operating in a Windows environment and was very expensive to purchase and maintain.

Reg Hearn - General Manager Grays Harbor County Water District #2 says:  "It was also, in my view, very primitive. It was prone to problems which could only be fixed on-site by the vendor.

Being dissatisfied with this software, and with the Windows operating system, we began looking for alternative solutions.

The first decision was to abandon MicroSoft and the Windows operating system and go to a Linux operating system. We chose the Ubuntu distribution.

The search was on for a SCADA system that was compatible with the Linux operating system. There are a lot of trees in the forest. Many of the offerings are written by individuals, many of those individuals are college students and the software is a class project.

A significant number of the companies professionally developing SCADA software are located in foreign countries. On several occasions we encountered language difficulties, both in getting questions answered and within the software itself.

After much research we narrowed our choice down to the Mango software and Infinite Automation. It met the criteria of being professionally produced in the U.S., was compatible with the Linux operating system, and appeared to offer the flexibility we were looking for with a very easy to use modern user interface.


As we worked through looking at the trial software and talking with Infinite Automation, the final decision was made to commit to Mango.

It was an excellent decision.

Mango easily integrated into the existing controller and equipment and provided a very user friendly web based HMI that could be viewed from any device.

Screenshot 2019-02-13 12.53.38.png

We also utilized the powerful Excel reporting capabilities and configured Mango to email a daily report that was a huge improvement over the previous SCADA systems reports.

The process was not without its challenges, but Infinite Automation hung in there with us as the problems were worked through on both ends.

In the end we implemented a user friendly, stable SCADA system that provides us with the controls and information we require with plenty of capability to expand.

At a reasonable price, as well.

The customer service offered is excellent.

So far Infinite Automation has been able to do all of its troubleshooting, upgrades and fixes on line, eliminating the cost and scheduling problems of having to have someone on-site.

We highly recommend Mango software and Infinite Automation!