Premier Partners

IAS Partners are a key part of our business.  Partners are chosen for having excellence in their field of business and ability to design and support solutions based on the Mango platform. To become an IAS partner please contact us.


At Focum Engenharia ; Validação Ltda we are an Engineering company who specializes in equipment qualification and process validation for life sciences industries. With over 15 years experience in developing solutions for better monitoring and control systems for machines and environmental conditions. We work with and develop solutions for our partners, helping them in their present and future challenges.

Focum currently provide services to companies/organizations in Minas Gerais, Goias and São Paulo most frequently, however, we have customers in other states like Rio Grande do Sul, Parana and Bahia.

At Focum we believe that with our partnership with Infinite Automation we will gift to the Brazilian Pharmaceutical Market a unique tool to better monitor and control environmental conditions and consequently resulting in better and more reliable medicines.