Mango's feature list is huge and there are so many ways you can use it. Listed here are the highlights:

Data Acquisition

  • Mango can receive data across multiple protocols in sub-second intervals. Protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, SNMP, MQTT and others are built in and ready for you to use.

Graphic Dashboards

  • Utilizing leading open source web development technologies, Mango provides a flexible development platform for mobile-friendly dynamic dashboards, web/mobile apps and kiosks. With a drag and drop editor plus code view, users with any level of experience can get projects done quickly and efficiently.


  • Your data resides where you install Mango, so you are in control. All communications with Mango can be secured with SSL (Secure Socket Layer), ensuring the privacy of your information.

Easy Software Updates

  • Mango automatically checks for available updates to the Core and installed Modules. It will also allow you to download and install any new modules.

User Permissions And Groups

  • User permissions are fully customizable by the system administrators, users are assigned to permission groups. Groups can have very flexible permission levels from read-only to super-admin. With group permissions you can also control what features users have access to and what data they can see and change.

Real Time Data Monitoring

  • Data can be viewed easily on the Mango Watch List, Point Details Page, or custom HTML pages. From any modern browser you can see real time and historical data.

Alarming And Events

  • With each piece of data you can define event detectors, such as; high limit, low limit, state, change, and no change. Along with system events and scheduled events, users can configure any event to send emails, set a point, or run a server process.

100% Web Compatible

  • Everything you do in Mango is through a standard browser. Mango is pure HTML and requires no plugins. Everything from basic user access to full configuration and administration can be done from any device with a browser.

Mango App Store

  • The Mango App store is where Infinite Automation uploads new Modules as they are developed. It is also the go to place for third party developers to provide their modules for use.

Embedded Hardware

  • Mango is a powerful all-in-one solution. It is scalable up to large cloud based application yet is equally able to scale down and runs fast and efficiently on embedded hardware. Now you have a low cost way of using Mango on a stand alone device or integrating thousands of embedded Mango devices into one large system.

High Performance Database

  • Mango Automation Enterprise has a built-in high performance NoSQL database optimised for historical data. It greatly reduces system loads and allows for huge data sets to be quickly stored, accessed, and archived.

Configuration Import & Export

  • Export your configuration to a text file and save this file for backup and recovery. This allows you to import into other instances of Mango, make identical copies, or use the file to easily manage very large configurations.


  • Mango includes a complete RESTful API which can be queried by third party applications, mobile apps, and custom HTML pages. Included in the Mango UI module is a suit of AngularJS libraries to interface with the API. It includes a powerful charting library and other premade widgets ready to use.

Automated Email Reports

  • Create and schedule reports for online viewing or email. Download data in CSV format for a quick upload into spreadsheets or other data analysis programs.

OEM Product Integration

  • Many Equipment Manufacturers find Mango to be a fast track to internet enabling their products. Mango adapts easily to specific applications and is easy to customize. Special licensing for OEM's make Mango one of the most powerful, time and money saving additions to a product line.

Logic and Automation

  • With Mango you have the power to write scripts to control equipment, calculate new data points, and crunch numbers live, in real time.

Data Publishing

  • With several data publishing options you can easily turn Mango into a BACnet or Modbus slave. Publishing allows you to use Mango strengths but doesn't limit want you can do with your data. With the Mango Persistent TCP data source and publisher you can use remote Mango's to push high-speed real time and historical data into a central Mango server.

Open Source Components

  • The Mango core and many modules are Open Source. This provides an opportunity for in-depth education for third party developers, contributions from partner companies, and general transparency on the quality of the code.

Cross Platform

  • You can install Mango on Windows, Linux, or Mac making it one of the most powerful fully cross platform application of its type. Furthermore, you can access Mango from mobile devices using just the native browser.

Internal Performance Monitoring

  • Keeping a large system running at peak performance requires good feedback on the internal process. Mango has excellent internal tools for measuring and tuning internal performance and capturing errors that help you inssure long term top performance.