Evikontroll Timber


Evikontroll Timber is created for timber drying automation with fully automatic drying
instances on multiple timber drying kilns. The system is an enhancement of our earlier
solution, which was based on analog signals.

The User has the possibility to create their own recipes which the system will follow to regulate the environment in the kiln by operating actuators used in the kiln.

The main variables measured include time, air relative humidity and temperature, lumber moisture. The Automation controller with Mango Automation instance installed, reverses the fans and changes in time the setpoints for PID process regulators, which control the irrigation and temperature in the chamber.

The timber moisture content is measured constantly with the wireless solution option.

The system can be built with multiple stages, built on an earlier kiln, and the user can also expand the system to more drying kilns if they ever
need to.

All the data from the drying process can then be sent to our central server or kept in the controller, which then can be studied or sent together with the drying logs and reports.

The user can also disable the automatic drying process and switch to manual control if they ever need to.

In the case of remote control the user can use our VPN for accessing their on-site system for quick overview of the system, but we recommend the systems to stay in local network only.

As timber drying is relatively easy process, we use Mango for creating future dated graphs which Mango uses to send data to PID controllers which switch on the devices used in the system.

This system is done by using Mango graphical views and virtual points for generating graphs based on their SQL ID, like it was done in old Mango.

We use scripting data sources to generate needed values from Alphanumeric points, which we are using in the graphical views as input boxes.

Modbus data rate is 9600 bps, as fast communication speeds are not required.

main page of 4 kiln evikontroll timber

main page of 4 kiln evikontroll timber

recipe creator for a 4 kiln evikontroll timber

recipe creator for a 4 kiln evikontroll timber

kiln page of evikontroll timber

kiln page of evikontroll timber

  • Text box has the recipe for drying timber HH-% RH - °T
  • Yellow boxes indicate timber moisture % and select boxes indicate which sensors are being used to calculate the average timber moisture % in purple
  • The switch indicates which direction the fans are rotating