Evikontroll Silo Control and Monitoring System based on MangoES - Project B


After successfully finishing our first pilot project based on MangoES we were offered another project which was larger than the first one. As we had learned a lot from our first project, this one was more easier to build, as we knew how to solve problems.

First we addressed the Modbus polling enhancer issue which was problematic for us, as we did not want to use Mango for controlling the endpoints. This was not possible anymore because the site was much larger than the first one.

We changed our IO devices so that they were programmable within the local microcontroller. Meaning that instead of the 32 IO ports the controlling devices now had 16 IO ports and 8 relays, which were programmable. This gave us the possibility to eliminate scripting datasources for automation, but use event detectors instead as fast controlling the relays was done within the device and Mango only needed to switch the programmable state for the corresponding relay.

Mango would then only be used for displaying the current states and switching on the devices. Modbus network consists of 45 devices with a communication speed 57600 bps with the poll duration varying around 1.2-1.5 s. As the site is much larger, the RS485 line is also much longer, which we have to take into account on the poll duration.

This project does not have temperature monitoring system and as the control was done with event handlers, there is no need for scripting data points for controlling the system.

The system has a total of 1243 datapoints and is quite similar to our first pilot project, but as this is a second one, there is much less overhead and extra points which the first system had, considering the Project B is much larger than A.

Data logging is not present for this system as this is a control system only.

Regarding visualisation, everything is done by using the new dashboard module, as scripting within the Angular app is easier. For building the pages we use WYSIWYG HTML
editor, as this allows drag-and-drop creation, which is extremely comfortable, as this allows custom html editing to add Angular directives directly into the elements. As the new Mango 3.0 also allows drag and drop, we will be looking to create pages within Mango.

Control Station

Control Station

As we have succesfully finished multiple instances of large scaled projects, we can assure you that MangoES is fully capable of controlling systems with >50 devices with about a thousand data points only in the Modbus network, with fast data polling times (~750 ms) at 57600 bps (data manipulation points and scripting are separated).