Leading-edge Data Visualization

Because Mango's interface is 100% browser based, uses all standard HTML and includes a powerful toolbox, you are moments away from creating stunning Dashboards, Web Apps and HMI Screens.


Drag and Drop Editor - the best of both worlds

Writing code can be fast and efficient but with the convenience of a drag and drop editor you have the best of both worlds.



Rather than get stuck using a proprietary tool with limited support you can leverage the full power of modern web development.  The Dashboard Designer (Drag and Drop Editor) produces standard HTML and you can use all the common development tools if you like.  Switching into code view allows users to understand how the page works, make edits and customize parts of the code quickly.


Dynamic Dashboards are now Faster and Easier

Often you have multiples of the same type of equipment or system and you don't want to make a separate screen for each one. With the Watch List Query Builder and Watch List driven dashboard you can very easily build a dynamic dashboards that populates with data from the selected equipment, facility or system. 


About the Toolbox