Chinese Data Center

DCLINK is a technological innovation enterprise that focuses on the internet of things (IoT). Their business is primarily centered around property management for the cloudcomputing industry. Their core product is “DC Manager”, which is an intelligent management system for cloud computing and Data Centers. Because they are driven by the Data Center and IOT industry they have numerous services, including; infrastructure management, monitoring management, workflow management, data analysis, etc.

DCLINK’s main customers are internet companies and Data Center Operators. Two of their top clients include one of the biggest energy companies in China, and one of the biggest O2O e-commerce companies in the world.

They are always researching technology developments of Cloud Computing and Data Center integrated intelligent management, which is what initially lead them to Infinite Automation Systems and Mango.

After an unsuccessful attempt with a different monitoring system in 2013, DCLink found Mango to be significantly more flexible and extensible. Management has experienced firsthand that Mango provides the powerful features of monitoring and management that they need, saying:

It has high accuracy on data acquisition, data sending, and events alarm. And it provides valuable data of data storage, data analysis for clients. Clients can know their state and trend more accurately.

After using Mango, they were able to increase product variety, integration, customized developments, and operational efficiency. All of which has enabled them save on costs.

We asked DCLink what their experience has been like getting started with Mango Automation in order to gain a better idea of how they are using the product, below are some of their explanations:


  • Mango’s B/S structure allows users access the system under many conditions.
  • Mango can be used on multiple platforms, and is suitable for any project.


  • Mango supports many communication protocols. Thus reducing significant amounts of workload while implementing a project, shortening the duration.


  • You can add custom METADATA and Global Scripts, thus allowing for special customized development.
  • Most third-party vendor systems on the market can be well integrated and accurately read.

Features Used:

Data points, alarms, DGLux, watchlist, event handlers, data sources, users, point hierarchy, publishers, system settings, modules, configuration import/export, global scripts, Scheduled events, Mango NoSQL, SQL console.


Watch List

Event Handlers



Global Scripts



During project implementation it helps save a lot of work and makes data points selective sorting for easy data analysis.
For associated events/alarms raised by changes of data points. They can customize a variety of associated configurations by the project demand. VERY Important!
Sends data and other information to other systems that make Mango more flexible and important to projects.

Import and export functions for various types of information helps reduce duplication of effort and improve efficiency.
For customized development and customized interfaces. Improves efficiency of system, interface, and communication systems.
Shows excellent graphic display.

Mango Installation and Multimedia Needs:

  • For Data Center projects over 10,000 square meters there are three types of data points; binary, numeric, and alphanumeric. Totaling nearly 17,000 data points. Additionally, there are four types of data sources; BACnet, MetaData, Modbus Serial, and Modbus TCP/IP. Most of these data points’ pooling speeds are every five seconds and the data logging rates are “when point value changes.”
  • MetaData - DCLink use to calculate the sum of some data points, such as power of CRAC, power of IT, and total power consumption.
  • Global Scripts - In this project there are two Global Script applications. One of them is used as a numerical unit conversion, while the other is used to calculate the outdoor-wet-bulb temperature of the cooling system. The objective is to reduce the deployment workload and the complexity of arithmetic logic.

Mango Server Information for DCLink:

We deployed Mango on a physical machine.
Ram - 4G,
CPU - P4 /3.0G, 
Hard drive types – SATA