Easy Analytics

With the built-in Watch List you can easily chart multiple Data Points and switch between different types of statistics.  Statistics can be generated as a single value over a time range or charted using a Rollup Type & Interval.

Mango 3.0 Watch List.png

Statistic Queries

Statistic queries allow you to view your data in different and meaningful ways.  Often raw data sets are large, noisy and hard to get value from.  Statistic queries are available throughout the Mango interface, API and within the Mango Scripting context for Meta Data Points and Scripting Data Sources.

Screenshot 2017-04-19 14.12.17.png

Analog Statistics

Provide instant access to information such as Minimum, Maximum, Average, Sums and Counts


Binary Statistics

Provide convienent ways to see information such as Percent of time in true or false states, number of cycles and number of starts.