Mango Energy Reporting & Billing

The Mango Automated Energy Billing Solution is a complete end to end automated billing system.  It seamlessly connects to your energy meters, stores detailed readings and automatically creates printable bills and reports for you based on customizable Excel templates.

It is designed to be extremely easy to use with very minimal training needed. 100% browser based with no software to install on the client computer. Through any web browser you can log in to download a custom excel file with all your monthly bills. Click PRINT and each bill prints on it’s own page or use the bill summary page to great bills in your accounting system.

Feature list:

  • Plug and play quick and easy set up
  • Automatic Meter Reading through multiple protocols.  Modbus, BACnet, DNP, SNMP and others.
  • Long term data storage on local device or in the cloud
  • Fully customizable bills and reports using templates created in Excel
  • Schedule automated email invoices and reports
  • Extremely easy to use with minimal training needed
  • Optional reports for identifying power quality issues
  • Real-time data monitoring
  • Works with electricity, water and gas
  • Add custom calculations and formulas so you don't need to do any extra work
  • Calculate peak demand charges
  • Easily change tenants names and contact information
  • No monthly fees or commitments
  • Works for 1 bill or scales to 1000's

The Mango Automated Energy Billing & Reporting system takes all the guess work of out calculating your bills and completely eliminates laborious, time-consuming work.

It’s a turn-key system but also doesn’t fall short on features. The Mango Energy Billing system is built on a very flexible data acquisition and control system and offers advanced users powerful features to expand and customize their system.

Advanced Features:

  • Real time data monitoring and trending
  • Advanced energy analytics allow you to:
  • Compare one tenant's energy usage to the average
  • Track peak usage for each tenant
  • Include tenants annual average in their monthly bill
  • Facility Manager Diagnostics
  • Web-based diagnostics
  • Detailed view of real time and historic, power factors, amps, volts and kW
  • Email Alarming
  • Multi user login with custom permission levels
  • Optional Graphic Dashboards
  • Data Aggregation
  • Control and automation through schedules or custom control sequences

How it works

The Mango Energy Billing System works for any organization no matter how small or large. Each billing system is unique so we provide a turnkey solution that is tailored exactly to your needs with custom bill formats, calculations and reports. We provide the needed hardware so there is no software to install.

  • Connect the MangoES to your energy meters via RS-485 or Ethernet.
  • Configure Automatic Meter Reading
  • Create Custom Excel template for bill calculations and report.  We will discuss your unique needs and customize a template that contains the formulas to produce the exact bills and reports you need
  • You can choose to receive the bill via email once per month or you login and download the bill.
  • Open the downloaded Excel file and click print.  No additional formatting or data manipulation needed, you'll have the exact numbers you need

What is Included:

  • Data Acquisition Hardware
  • Configuration to read meters
  • On-on-one consulting to insure we understand your unique needs
  • Bill and report customization
  • Initial training
  • Ongoing support as needed

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