Mango Automation is a full features SCADA / HMI solution that offers complete flexibility no matter how large or small your needs are. Mango can be used in hundreds of configuration, from data protocol gateway to graphic user interface. With the Mango expansion modules in the app store and the ability to build custom modules, you will find everything you need in Mango. Here is a list of the key features available.

Security and User Management

Your data resides where you install Mango and is secured by standard web server and database security practices, so you are in control. User permissions are fully customizable by the system administrators, and all communications with Mango can be secured with SSL (Secure Socket Layer), ensuring the privacy of your information.


Data Acquisition and Logging

Mango can receive data from any device for which there is a protocol driver. Currently supported protocols include BACnet I/P & MS/TP, Modbus (ASCII, RTU, TCP, and UDP), OPC DA, 1-wire, SNMP, SQL, HTTP, POP3, MBus, DNP3, OpenV, webcams, vmstat, and many proprietary protocols developed by or for hardware vendors. More protocols are being added regularly. Mango allows each data point to be configured with logging properties and automatic purging properties.


Logic and Automation

Using the Meta Data Source and Scripting Data Source modules, Mango can become a powerful automation controller handling a wide variety of logic sequences simultaneously. From mathematical calculations to aggregate data, custom triggers and alarms to device output control Mango has the flexibility and power to get your job done.

The Mango Scripting Module is a powerful logic handling tool that gives you the power to automate, manipulate and control data and devices in any way you want. It uses the full power of JavaScript and you have the ability to set any data point in your Mango system as a context variable in the script. Uses would include automation routines across multiple devices, advanced schedules or dynamic control of any output Mango is connected to. After you install the scripting module you can configure it by selecting it from your data source list



Alarming and Events

With each piece of data, you can define event detectors such as, high limit, low limit, state, change and no change. Along with system events and scheduled events, users can configure any event to send emails, set a point or run a server process.


Graphic Dashboards, GUI’s and HMI’s

Mango has three modules for creating graphic representations of your data: Graphic Views, JSP Pages and DGLux.

Graphic Views offers a simple and easy way to use images, graphics and animations to create dashboards and HMIs. With drag and drop simplicity, you quickly get your page online.

JSP Pages allow you to write custom JSP pages using html and javascript that use your real time and historical Mango data. This allows for complete customization of dashboards, mobile apps, HMIs and GUIs.

DGLux is a powerful drag and drop dashboard building tool like no other. With DGLux you can provide dynamic, high-end graphic web pages and GUI’s to your customers that impress and excite user involvement. This powerful tool is included in every installation of Mango Automaton.


Custom Database Applications

Mango can be much more than a SCADA application, you can also design custom database applications using a combination of the Mango SQL Data Source connections and the DGLux graphics module. This can include dynamic database driven reports, database queries and inserts and many other powerful database interactions.



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