How To Get Started

You can get started with Mango Automation in 3 easy steps

step one

Fill out our online form to download the Mango files here

step two

Install Mango on your desired device

step three

Start Exploring Mango Watch our Getting Started video

How To Buy After Mango Installed

1. Click on the Modules tab and click "Update Your License Now".

3. Select the licenses you wish to buy.

2. Create an Account in the Mango Store or login with your existing account.

4. Click on the Download License button on the Modules page.

Plans & PricingFreeCommercialEnterpriseMangoES
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free Download Now Starting At $400 Download Now Starting At $2500 Contact Us Starting At $650 Contact Us
Mango Automation Core 3 Unique IP Login Limit $400
DGLux 2.5 Dashboards 30 Day Trial 5 Dashboards $395 Unlimited $795 Unlimited $80
Excel Reports 1 Free 3 for $200, unlimited for $995 3 for $200, unlimited for $995 3 for $200, unlimited for $995
High Performance NoSQL DataBase
Mango Graphic Views
REST API & Custom Dashboards
Jsp Views
Watch Lists
Scheduled Events
Standard Reports
Data Import
Virtual Data Source
Internal Data Source

Optional Add-Ons

LDAP/Active DirectoryComing Soon

Data Sources & Publishers

BACnet Data SourceLimit 20 Data Points$90
BACnet Publisher (Slave) Limited 10 Published $100
Modbus Data Source & PublisherLimit 20 Data Points$50
HTTP Data Source & Publisher Limit 20 Data Points $50
Meta Data SourceLimit 5 Data Points$50
Scripting Limit 1 Script $100
OPCDA Data SourceLimit 20 Data Points$50
SQL Data Source Limit 10 Data Points $100
DNP3 Data SourceLimit 20 Data Points$30
GALIL Data Source Limit 20 Data Points $40
JMX Data SourceLimit 20 Data Points$40
Pachube Data Source $10
POP3 Data SourceLimit 20 Data Points$40
SNMP Data Source Limit 20 Data Points $50
MBus Data SourceLimit 20 Data Points$50
Persistent TCP Data Source & Publisher Limit 5 Data Points $200
Onewire Data Source$30
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