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data visualization

Mango SCADA Platform offers leading edge HTML5 based dashboards that can be viewed seamlessly on large displays, tablets and mobile phones.

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built in protocols

Built in protocols allows Mango to easily connect to: sensors, PLCs, Equipment, databases and more.

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flexible deployment

Mango is easily installed on any major operating system and can be scaled from embedded devices to large servers.


open source development platform

Mango modules allow you to write your own modules and customize Mango to fit your needs.

The MangoES Embedded Computing Hardware **Now Available**

MangoES V3

The MangoES is a powerful embedded data acquisition, automation and visualization tool. Combining the full Mango Automation software suite with advanced embedded computing technology gives you amazing power and flexibility.

open architecture

The MangoES is fully customizable, cost effective, and includes all Mango features and modules at no extra cost.


The MangoES is the perfect choice for large distributed systems combined with a central Mango server or smaller standalone applications with less than 3000 data points and less than 10 users. It can easily be mounted directly in a control panel and produces very little heat.

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technology platform

Mango is built using all standard technologies like SQL databases, Jetty or Tomcat webserver, Java, and Ajax. Our adoption of standard technologies, best practices, and industry proven platforms, solve issues like security and integration making Mango very scalable, secure, and reliable

turn-key solutions

Besides providing powerful SCADA / HMI software, Infinite Automation Systems can also provide a complete turn-key solution ready for installation. This includes system design, integration with third party devices, PLC programming and control boxes, and complete Mango setup and custom graphic views.


  • Buildings Automation
  • Water Treatment
  • Brewery Controls and Plant Management
  • Data Center Monitoring
  • Smart Grid and Energy Management
  • And more