Mango Automation Core with All Features Download

Free Version:
(download any of the files below and they will automatically run in free mode)

For any non-commercial use, you can use the Mango Automation Core and all the modules files below for free. In free mode you are only restricted to 3 unique IP addresses that can be used to log into Mango. You can reset the IP address by restarting your Mango instance. If you need an unrestricted version or a license for commercial use you can easily purchase a license from the Modules page within your Mango Automation instance. * Contact us for special reseller and OEM pricing.


View our Wiki for full Installation Instructions. Mango requires Java JDK 1.8 (also known as JDK 8) to be already installed on your system. Infinite Automation recommends using the Oracle JDK, available here. You may need to set a JAVA_HOME environmental variable pointing to your JDK install folder.

Unzip the Mango zip file into any directory you like. To start Mango Automation, run one of the scripts provided in the bin folder, either bin/ma-start.bat for Windows platforms or "sudo ./bin/ start" for *nix or Mac. (Also note: for *nix you may have to run "chmod +x bin/*.sh" to make the script executable.) In addition, for *nix users ensure that the Mango home directory and all subdirectories are writable by the user under which Mango will run.

Mango Automation Installation Files

Mango 3.0 Demo (Pre-Beta)

Mango Automation 3.0 is the same powerful Mango core with a whole new UI and HTML5 development tools. This download is a pre beta release and is for demo and evaluation only. It contains a demo database with virtual data points and several graphic screens to use as examples. Do Not Upgrade an existing Mango installation with these files. Download Mango 3.0 Demo

Mango Production Releases

Name File size Price Download now
Mango Automation Full Install Version: 2.8.4  132mb free Download
Mango Automation Enterprise Demo Version:2.8.4 132mb free Download

The full core file includes all the Mango Modules and Data Sources. Enterprise Demo requires restart after 8hrs without a license.

See our Documentation for upgrade instructions.

Source Code:

If you are interested in developming your own modules, helping make improvements or customize Mango for your application you can view our public repositories for source code. We hope you'll become part of our team. If you have any questions about contributing code back or using the source code please let us know.

See What's New in Mango 3.0