About Infinite Automation Systems (IAS)

IAS is a group of professionals with a broad range of expertise including software design and development, project management, consulting, customer support, electrical engineering and graphic design.

Our flagship product, Mango Automation, is both a platform and an end-to-end solution. As a platform, Mango provides a robust foundation for custom application construction. From large scale web apps to small embedded products, IAS can work with you to build your own custom application.

As an end-to-end solution, Mango is a ready-to-deploy system that is quick and easy to install and configure. IAS works with clients from training to full deployment of turn-key systems.

IAS works with individuals and groups around the world and across many industries, primarily Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) as it relates to energy management systems, renewable energy, data centers and building optimization. Our customers include equipment manufacturers, systems integrators, distributors and end users.

Our success centers around two main factors: High quality software and support.

First, we take pride in the well-written and developed code produced by our highly experienced software developers and, to maintain transparency, much of this code is available for review in public repositories.

The second factor is the ability to provide the best support possible. This is a core, founding principle of IAS and starts with being easy to contact in whatever way is best for the customer. We respond as quickly as possible to all types of inquiries and love learning about customers applications and how we can help. We want to make learning our applications as fun and easy as possible, so we continually add free tutorials and documentation to our website. We offer as much free support as possible through our public forums, and have professional support and training available for organizations of all sizes.

If you have any questions about IAS or our products, please contact us.

Mango Development & Customization

Mango customization could be something very small or something more significant, like developing a proprietary module for your company. Either way, our development team is eager to help you get what you need out of Mango. We are also engaged in ongoing development and enhancements, so if there is something you need, it is a good idea to check in with us and see what we can do.

Turn-Key Solutions

Besides providing powerful SCADA / HMI software, Infinite Automation Systems can also provide a complete turn-key solution ready for installation. This includes system design, integration with third party devices, PLC programming and control boxes, complete Mango setup, and custom graphic views. Our goal is to make sure that using Mango for your complete system needs is a huge success

Mango Installations

Installation of Mango is easy, the documentation section of our website contains simple, step-by-step instructions. That said, if you need a professional to install Mango on your local computer, server, or other device we can help with that!

Mango Support Purchase

When you purchase support from Infinite Automation Systems we will assist you with whatever your needs are: Installation, setup, or training. Support sessions can be conducted via phone, Skype, or WebEx live web meetings. Our schedule is flexible and time will be billed in 15 minute increments. Contact us for more information